High Pressure Pump for Misting/Fogging System

High Pressure Pump for Misting/Fogging System

The CF-03 is perfect for misting or fogging application with an outstanding life span, outweighing current market solutions. It is designed for over 10 years in industrial standard. We only provide the best material in an affordable price such as ceramics plunger, almost lasting permanently. The consuming parts can last for 3000 hrs. One of the best thing of the pump is customers do not have maintain or repair it frequently unlike traditional plunger/piston pumps. The frequency for maintenance is every six months or 1200 hrs. More importantly, customers do not have to concern how to repair the pump as we provide an integrated kit for fast change that everyone is able to replace the wear part with the help of maintenance video.

If you are looking for a misting pump without taking care of it frequently, you've came to the right place. CF-03 is ideal for misting systems that require continuous work/operation. The only thing you need to do is to refill the oil regularly and then you can leave it alone. That’s do the math. If it works for 8 hrs. every day for 6 months during the heat weather period, the pump can work for at least 2 years without maintenance. The maintenance interval is 3000 hrs.

About the maintenance cost. We promise it will be lower than 20% of the pump’s cost. e.g. If you bought the pump for $300 USD, the maintenance cost is about $60 USD. The best thing is everyone can repair/replace the wear parts by following the instruction video.

Key factors to consider before installing a misting/fogging system.

  1. Pressure.
    It requires at least 50 bar or 700 PSI to create fine misting/fogging drop. By fine misting drops, it relates to the evaporation efficiency, should be evaporated before arriving the ground. The drop size is related to the nozzle size.
  2. Nozzle size.
    The nozzle size will decide how many units can be applied within the pump’s flow rate capacity. Also, it will decide the misting/fogging droplet size.
  3. Area and scope. It will determine what capacity of the pump is needed. The nozzle’s spray pattern will also affect the size of the area.
  4. Weather condition.
    It is relevant to temperature and humidification level. When the temperature is high, more spraying time will be required for cooling. Low humidity level will increase the efficiency of evaporation rate. On the other hand, when the weather is in high humidity level up to 90%+ like raining, the misting function will be no longer required.

How the misting pump works for cooling?

The high pressure misting pump creates tiny water droplets through nozzles. The average droplets size are less than 10 microns. It can absorb the heat from the surface of human body and then evaporate into the air quickly. Basically, 10-12 °C can be reduced by the misting/fogging droplets.


  • Energy saving. It consumes much less energy than air condition cooling.
  • Portability and mobility. Easy to install outdoor and indoor.
  • Reduces temperature
  • Reduces dust and particle in the air

What are the common types of cooling systems?
The misting systems can be extended with accessions in terms of the applications. The accessories could be flexible that depends on the location, size of space and purpose.

  • Pipes/hoses
    Nozzles installed upon the pipe/ hoses are the most common way of cooling. It is extended and flexible. We suggest the nozzle installation interval is 1 meter to 1.5 meter. If the nozzles are installed closer, the cooling efficiency could be better in the assigned areas.
  • Misting/Fogging Fans
    The micron-sized droplets can be drifting and floating longer through the fan’s blowing. Usually, the fans has two types: the portable fan and mounted fan. The portable fan with a water tank has higher mobility, suitable to outdoor application. On the other hand, the mounted fan basically needs a stable and constant water supply for rigid area cooling.
  • Misting/fogging Cannon.
    The misting cannon is more powerful than the misting fan. It is along with large flow rate pump in order to handling wider scope cooling.

How the misting pump works for humidification?

By the mean of high pressure misting pump, the cooling fog helps the humidification and temperature control in a wanted level. The micron size water droplets float in the air more than 15 seconds for creating a misting/fogging effect; hence, the humidity level can be increased and also temperature will be reduced.


  • Wine cooling & storage
    Keeps the humidity in an appreciated level between 80%-85%, preventing the wine from evaporation.
  • Keeps Vegetables and Fruits fresh
    By the mean of high pressure misting pump, the cooling fog helps the humidification and temperature control in a wanted level, remains the freshness of vegetables and fruits from dehydration. Also, it keeps the storage period longer with appreciated quality.

How the misting pump works for sterilization and disinfection?

By the mean of carrying the liquid sterilization in a misting/fogging form, the micron droplet will terminate the virus effectively and efficiently. Our special made Viton/FKM/FPM seals and O-ring can resist most of the corrosive sterilization/disinfection formulates. Instead, the normal seals and O-ring(NBR) can only stand for less than 100 hours.
Cooling Applications.