Through Spindle Coolant System (TSC) Pump for CNC Machines

Through Spindle Coolant System (TSC) Pump for CNC Machines

SABIO provides two specifications of high pressure pump to meet 90% through spindle coolant (TSC) requirement for CNC turning and milling machines.

Why chose SABIO pump for your high pressure TSC system?

  • Durability over market standard. 1. 24 hour non-stop working is available 2. 8000-10000 hours for maintenance.
  • Convenience to change replaced parts within 30 minutes.
  • Cost-effective. We provide competitive quality with more affordable prices.
  • Low maintenance cost. We promise the cost won’t be higher than 20% of the pump price in every 8000-1000 hours.

  • CF-15 with 16.7 LPM is for CNC turning and lathe machine
  • CF-30 with 33 LPM is for CNC milling machine.

  bar psi LPM GPM Hp RPM Volt/Hz Phase
CF-15F 70 1000 16.7 4.4 3 1720 220V/380V
Three4 6.8
CF-15S 70 1000 13.9 3.7 3 1450 220V/380V
Three4 6.8
CF-30F 70 1000 33 8.7 7.5 1720 220V/380V
Three 4 10.7
CF-30S 70 1000 27.5 7.3 7.5 1450 220V/380V
Three 4 10.7


Q: Coolant cleanliness you need in order not to damage your pumps.
A: We recommend 30μ for chip endurance. If you have a good filtering system, 20μ is workable.

Q: Noise levels details.
A: 70 dB for CF15 and 75 dB for CF-30

Q: Pressure relief valves?
A: We make our own relief valves and it goes with a safety valve. Safety valve works when the pressure is overloaded. Alternatively, it is OK to use other brands on the market.

Q: Materials.
A: Pump body: aluminum alloy. Ceramics plungers, SS 304 valves, diaphragm oil seal

Q: Installation? A: horizontal motor installation

Q: NHPS characteristics (suction)
A; Self-priming pump.

Q: Max. Inlet pressure.
A: 2-3 bar.