Q1How to choose the right pressure and flow capacity for the TCS system?

It will largely depend on the cutting tool’s orifice size and diameter. Usually, for tool of 8mm-10mm diameter, it will require 13-15 liter flow rate per minute.

Q2When should I maintain my pump?

Usually, you only need to change the consuming parts like water seals, oil seals and O-rings in every 4000 hrs. When the oil seals start to be worn out, it causes the flow rate/ fluid discharge rate dropped gradually. It can still hold high pressure until the seals have damaged severely. The leading parts like plunger will last several years without maintenance.

Q3Which oil should I use for the pump?

We suggest 10W-40 Synthetic technology for pressure under 1000 psi or 70 bar. 5W-20 Synthetic technology for pressure 1740 psi or 120 bar for better temp control.

Q4How often should I change the oil?

Every 1000 hrs or you find the oil is unusually milky or blacker. The self-lubricating system can increase the life of oil.

Q5What is the cylinder temperature during operation?

It typically ranges from 35-60C or 95-140F. It depends on the environmental factors such as temp, humidity, ventilation, and also affected by the oil quality.

Q6Can I use multiple pumps to generate larger flow?

Yes, multiple pumps can be used for higher flow rate requirement. We suggest motor as power source in TCS system.

Q7How should I do for a typical inspection and maintenance?

Please refer to our instruction video