Q1What is the cylinder temperature during operation?

It typically ranges from 35-60C or 95-140F. It depends on the environmental factors such as temp, humidity, ventilation, and also affected by the oil quality.

Q2Can I use multiple pumps to generate larger flow?

Yes, multiple pumps can be used for higher flow rate requirement. We suggest motor as power source in TCS system.

Q3How should I do for a typical inspection and maintenance?

Please refer to our instruction video


Q4Can my pump runs without water?

Sabio pump design enables it to work without water on condition that the self-lubricating system are working properly but water seals will be damaged.

Q5How to confirm which water seal is damaged or scratched?

Check the 4 drain holes on the bottom of your pump if any visible water drop coming out of it. Then replace the bush kit.

Q6 Why should I replace a whole set of bush kit instead of separate seals?

The water seals, oil seals and O-rings are integrated into a complete unit. The reason is when the Oil seals have worn over time, the water seals must be also reached its lifespan. On the other hand, the water seals can be worn when the oil seals are still fine. In this case, your pump can still work properly with small amount of water leak or a drip and the pressure won’t be affected by the worn water seals. We have tested the pump with severely damaged water seals and then the flow rate is normal.

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