Q1What is the max height can I mount my pump?

All of Sabio pump are self-priming pump, meaning it can suck water from max.5M height.

Q2Can I put my pump vertically?

Our pump design allows it can be installed vertically; however, the motor cannot. Thus, we only recommend horizontal installation.

Q3How should I store my pump?

When you expect your pump will be stored for a long period, it should be stored in a dry and clean space. Avoid heat, humidity, dust, or possible environmental contamination.

Q4How to resume my pump after long period storage.

Change and refill the hydraulic oil in 15W40. If the pressure is unusually low, then change the plunger bush kit.

Q5If water get into the oil, what should I do?

In this case, the oil seal or water seal has worn or severe damage. You should replace it with a new kit.

Q6How to determine motor power

Preferred flow rate x Pressure/380

Q7 Why the pressure meter oscillate abnormally?
  • Air gets in the pump inlet
  • Worn inlet or outlet valve(s) or valves are clogged
  • Worn seal(s)
Q8What should I do if my pump will be inactive for an extended period of time?

Water must be drained. It is crucial to remind the pump complete empty when water is possible to be iced.

Q9How to choose the right pressure and flow capacity for the TCS system?

It will largely depend on the cutting tool’s orifice size and diameter. Usually, for tool of 8mm-10mm diameter, it will require 13-15 liter flow rate per minute.

Q10When should I maintain my pump?

Usually, you only need to change the consuming parts like water seals, oil seals and O-rings in every 4000 hrs. When the oil seals start to be worn out, it causes the flow rate/ fluid discharge rate dropped gradually. It can still hold high pressure until the seals have damaged severely. The leading parts like plunger will last several years without maintenance.

Q11Which oil should I use for the pump?

We suggest 10W-40 Synthetic technology for pressure under 1000 psi or 70 bar. 5W-20 Synthetic technology for pressure 1740 psi or 120 bar for better temp control.

Q12How often should I change the oil?

Every 1000 hrs or you find the oil is unusually milky or blacker. The self-lubricating system can increase the life of oil.

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