SABIO CF-15/30 series is designed for CNC machines’ coolant through spindle system with the requirement for high pressure 1000 psi. It is ideal for 24 hours working with a stable temperature. CF-15 is preferred for the CNC lathe machine required flow rate not over 15 LPM, and CF-30 with flow rate in 30 LPM is for CNC milling machine or milling and turning center

High Pressure Pump

Specification of SABIO pump series

1. Pump Body
  • Made of alluminum alloy by gravity die casting, pressure range 0-120 bar.
  • Compact and small (300*260*180mm) Allow it easy to be assembled into the required system/module.

2. Horizontally opposed cylinder design
  • The unique flat-four cylinders design with a patented interlocking plate driven by an eccentric shaft, can move the plungers inward and outward synchronously.
  • A perfect dynamic balance can be achieved in a high mechanical efficiency led to a low energy consumption , low vibration and low pulsation
  • Energy spends less while other conventional plunger pumps on the market need additional 10%-25% KW.
  • The pump efficiency can reach almost 100% in the low pressure (0-20 bar), and 93% at 70 bar.

3. Innovation for sustainability: Self-lubricating system.
  • This patented system allows the oil to lubricate the whole pump, traveling from the oil tank to the eccentric shaft and then return to the tank as a sustainable circle.
  • The operation temp can be controlled around 25。C or 77。F as the bering is lubricated all the time without generating heat .
  • 4000 hrs continuous operation is feasible as the crucial components are welly protected by the sustainable system.

4. Maintenance & Repair
  • The crucial consuming parts are integrated into a bush kit, consisting of water seals, oil seals and O-rings. Easy for customers to replace and repair by themselves.
  • High durability: 10 years+ lifespan for non-consuming parts and the bush kit can resist at least 3,000 hrs.
  • Maintenance cost. 13-15% per 3000 hrs. Only needs half year to refill or replace the oil.
  • Two years warranty.

  bar psi LPM GPM Hp RPM Volt/Hz Phase
CF-15F 70 1000 16.7 4.4 3 1720 220V/380V
Three4 6.8
CF-15S 70 1000 13.9 3.7 3 1450 220V/380V
Three4 6.8
CF-30F 70 1000 33 8.7 7.5 1720 220V/380V
Three 4 10.7
CF-30S 70 1000 27.5 7.3 7.5 1450 220V/380V
Three 4 10.7